What Do You Want for Christmas?

By Maria Murphy
 Each year around this time I am asked by my husband or another family member, “What do you want for Christmas?”  Each year I usually shrug my shoulders, smile and say something intelligent like, “surprise me” or “I don’t know.”  If they persist I think of the most inexpensive item I would want.  (Last year it was a broom/dust pan set.  Hey I did need one and I got one!)

I remember when I was kid; I couldn’t wait for my parents to ask me what I wanted for Christmas.  In fact, I would start dropping hints in March! I could fill a book with things I wanted.  Now that I’m a “grown up” I seem to shy away from the question.  What happened?

I WANT to say that the reason is because as a wife, mother and grandmother (whoa), I tend to put my desire for things aside to accommodate and fulfill the desires of my family which is what most moms that I know do, including my own.  While this sounds noble, the reality is that I am anticipating what I want to be too expensive for the person asking.

When I was a kid I must have thought my parents had a money-making machine in the garage because I didn’t even look at the price before I announced what I wanted. Little did I know that my parents were the money-making machines!

In thinking about this over the past few weeks, I am reminded that my heavenly Father has an unlimited supply of resources and He tells me that I need to ask in order to receive (Matt. 7:7).  I am not shy when I ask God for anything because not only does He want to give me the desires of my heart and the things I need; He has the ability and the resources to provide it!  In fact, if you want to get really deep, he has ALREADY provided it for me.  This makes it easy for me to do what the Word says, ask in faith!  I do my part and God does His.

This year as you do your Christmas shopping, attend office parties, or mix and mingle with your family and friends, remember that your heavenly Father loves you and that He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that you could ever ask, think, dream or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

Merry Christmas!