Stay in the Room!


In Mark chapter 5, we find the account of Jairus and his daughter.   It begins in verse 22 where Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, approaches Jesus, tells him that his daughter is on her death bed, and asks that Jesus, “come and lay your hands on her, so that she may be healed and live.” (Mark 5:23b AMPC)
Jesus, who was always about His Father’s business (Luke 2:49), immediately followed Jairus and the crowd did as well.  On the way to Jairus’ house, a marvelous miracle occurred with the woman who had an issue of blood.  It was a wonderful event and I’m sure even Jairus was rejoicing with the woman because he knew he was in the company of the very person who made the miracle happen.
The celebration was interrupted when a messenger from Jairus’ home, approached and told Jairus that his daughter had died and there was no need to have Jesus come any further.  Jairus was once again faced with his reality.  Imagine the thoughts that immediately went through his head the moment he received the tragic news. “Maybe if Jesus hadn’t stopped to heal this woman, my daughter would still be alive.”  Mark 5:36 AMPC says that Jesus overheard but ignored what the messenger said to Jairus.
In fact, Jesus told Jairus not to listen to them but to trust Him (Mark 5:36 MSG).  They arrived at Jairus’ home and Jesus only permitted Peter, James, and John to enter with Him and Jairus.  Imagine the loud wailing and crying that was taking place in that home.  The daughter of a man who was well known and respected had just died.   The words Jesus spoke next did not go over well with anyone in the house.  In verse 39 he asked, “Why do you make an uproar and weep?” and then he said, “The little girl is not dead but is sleeping.”  Obviously the room erupted even more!
Jesus had everyone leave the room except for Jairus, his wife, and his three disciples.  He then proceeded to speak life into the little cold body laying there.  Jairus and his wife saw life return to their daughter and received her completely healed and whole!
 Would Jesus ask you to leave the room or would you be in the room with Jesus?
Faith is what keeps you in the room!  We know that Jairus was walking in faith because when he first approached Jesus he spoke what he believed could happen, that Jesus would lay his hands on his daughter and she would be healed and live.  He also had the opportunity to doubt when he received the bad report along the way.  We know he stayed in faith by his actions; he continued walking with Jesus.   As a result, he was in the room to witness the miraculous.
No matter what you are facing, stay in faith!  How?  Believe and speak the Word of God over the situation even when everything in the natural looks hopeless. If you are a born again believer, you are in the company of THE miracle worker.  There is nothing that you are facing that is beyond His ability.  Trust Him and stay in the room!
– Pastor Maria Murphy