Real Faith

By Pastor Henri Talbot

If you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life then you have been given what the scripture calls, “the measure of faith”. Romans 12:3.

Romans 1 :17 tells us, “The just shall live by faith”.  It is good news to know that God has given us this faith to live by but what does it really mean to live by faith?

Simply stated living by faith is living with a consciousness that God’s Word can be trusted, and that what He has promised to do for you; He is able to perform it, or you could say He has the power to make it come to pass in your life.  Real faith is not something that works now and then. It will work EVERY TIME  it is put to use!

Romans 3:27 calls faith a law, “the law of faith”. The better we understand this law of faith, the more we will benefit from it, Here are four steps to living by faith that when applied consistently, will guarantee you results in your faith walk with God.

 Faith that pleases God formula:

    1. Have God’s Word for what you desire to receive from Him.
    2. Believe God’s word.
    3. Consider not the contradictory circumstances.
    4. Give praise to God for the answer.