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Our Mission & Vision

The purpose of FHFC is to build up strong individuals and families so we can make a positive impact on our world.  “Our world” is our sphere of influence: Our local church, our family members, friends, neighbors; everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis.
Our mission is:
  •  To mentor individuals into the image of Jesus Christ and to help them fulfill the call that God has placed on their lives.
  • To encourage those who are discouraged and who are out of their race; helping them to get back in and finish their race with joy.
  • To assist those who are less fortunate by giving of our time, talents and treasures.
  • To be a church with a sending heart -“missions minded”. We support missions by sending laborers, financial support and our prayers.
Our mission is accomplished as we: Come together to CONNECT with God and with each other during our weekly services, small groups & outreaches; DISCOVER God’s plan for our lives, our gifts and talents, and our place in the body of Christ; INCREASE in every area; spirit, soul & body and make a significant IMPACT in the lives of those around us and ultimately the world.